Electrical Products

Suppliers can fraudulently mark cables and uninformed buyers can be misled due to the difficulty in checking that the cable they buy meets the specification. It is very difficult to ensure that a particular piece of electrical cable meets the safety standards set by the certification bodies.

Cost pressures on contractors increase the opportunity for unregulated electrical wholesalers to introduce counterfeit electrical installation products into the supply chain.

According to trade body BEAMA, £50,000,000 of counterfeit electrical installation products are brought into the UK annually, creating a considerable life threatening risk to homes and commercial premises.

The type of products commonly counterfeited includes fire safety cable, mains distribution cable and electrical circuit breakers.

Recent recalls:


  • A leading Australian retailer will have to meet a clean-up cost of up to £30,000,000 to rectify installations made with cable that cracked and peeled a few months after installation.
  • A leading UK retailer was forced to withdraw cable from 300 stores that was incorrectly and fraudulently marked and did not meet safety standards.

Circuit breakers

Counterfeit circuit breakers that are regulaly seized:

  • Have incorrect rating
  • Do not conform to standards
  • Are often incomplete