How Countermark works to protect your products

Printing the unique 32-character Countermark on your products or packaging is not only a robust anti-counterfeiting measure, it can also help find new ways to engage with your customers.

The Countermark advantage over other security measures

Countermark is easier to implement and use than many other forms of security marketing, such as 2D-codes, barcodes, holograms or multi-functional labels.

A Countermark can be printed on virtually any surface using CIJP, laser marking or laser printing. The printing process can be incorporated into a production line relatively easily, without slowing it down.

Because it is human-readable, a Countermark can contain information that’s immediately meaningful to the product user, such as lot numbers, dates or country codes.

Countermark as a marketing tool

Using Countermark, brand owners can track their products through the supply chain and identify the end users. This information allows brands to find new ways to market to product users. It can also highlight supply chain delays and potential grey market diversion.

How Countermark works

When someone wants to check whether a Countermark is valid, they scan it using the free Countermark smartphone app. The person performing this check could be anyone involved in the supply chain: a distributor, enforcement officer, retailer or end user.

When the Countermark is scanned, the app performs a security check to ensure that the user has authority to read the Countermark. When they pass that check, the user is given access to specific information, such as confirming that the Countermark is valid.

This information could give a customs official confirmation of the origin and nature of the product, or it could give the end user access to product training or maintenance data.

Countermark analytics maintain a detailed record of every time a Countermark is scanned, allowing items to be tracked through the supply chain.

The Countermark digital fingerprint

Each Countermark is unique, not only in the human-readable 32-character combination, but also in the position of every dot that makes up each character. These dot positions allow the Countermark app to confirm, within seconds, that the code being scanned is valid.

Every time a Countermark is printed, an image of that Countermark is securely stored as a reference.

Countermarks are available in Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese and Katakana scripts.